Philosophy, Vision, Mission



The Office of Agricultural Museum and Culture is committed to building up, seeking, and developing knowledge of agricultural culture, disseminating and perpetuating Thai native genius, and maintaining the cultures of the nation to provide a basis upon which Thai society can move forward creatively and securely.


Preeminent in preserving the Thai national identity
Unparalleled in the understanding of ancient Tai native genius
Ingenious in integrating insights into Tai agrarian cultures
Thus a new dimension in Thai university museums


1. The Office of Agricultural Museum and Culture shall introduce a new dimension in the university museum system as a place for investigating the genius of Thai agricultural culture.

2. It will be a place for study of agricultural culture in cooperation with other agencies both inside and outside the university.

3. It will maintain Thai art and culture as the source of national identity and promote participation in and appreciation of Thai art and culture on the part of students, university personnel, and the general public.
4. It will coordinate and cooperate with cultural organizations for cultural exchange programs both within the nation and between nations.

5. It will provide linkages to the knowledge in the Office of Agricultural Museum and Culture databases through information technology systems.

6. It will support the capabilities of the lecturers, students, and personnel of all faculties, offices, and institutes in taking part in maintaining art and culture, which is one of the four strategies in developing the university.